[Update: 2012-08-30] One more time — Te…

[Update: 2012-08-30]
One more time — TechShop is opening (near) Austin: http://www.techshop.ws/austin_round_rock.html!

[Update: 2008-03-29]
Unfortunately, I just got word that TechShop Austin, and six other planned locations, have been delayed until 2009. It’s a bummer for Austin makers, but the schedule was a little too aggressive for the TechShop crew; instead, they’ll be focused on a new headquarters in Sunnyvale, and bringing up the Portland and Durham locations.

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Just saw this last night, TechShop Austin is scheduled to open this summer (2008)! I haven’t had access to a decent shop in a few years. I can’t wait to play with all the toys a TechShop should have!

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  1. I’ve been trying to find out more about the Austin techshop – just heard about it for the first time today. Heard any updates recently?

  2. Hi Eric. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything about it since the announcement that the opening date would be slipping.

  3. I have been in touch with Jim Newton about opening a TechShop in Dallas/Fort Worth…If you have any interest in D/FW (or San Antonio,Houston or Bryan/College Station for that matter) Please drop me an email

  4. For Glen and B — Did anything ever come of the Dallas Tech Shop idea? My parents just relocated there and I’d like to get them connected.

  5. Anyone still interested in bringing a TechShop to Austin? We have a real chance of getting it done in 2012…

    1. I think there’s still a fair amount of interest, and there have been a few groups who have a least explored the idea of launching something similar.

  6. I was just at Techshop Raleigh this weekend talking to the founder and he said a TechShop was opening in Houston. I asked if he meant Austin, he said, no, Houston.

    The only announced but unopened TechShop on their website if Techshop Brooklyn which is indicated as being in planning.

    Anyone out there hear anything recent about a TechShop for Houston?

    1. I’ve sort of stopped listening to the rumors, since they change all the time. Still hoping for Austin, but the rumors never pan out.

  7. I found this job ad, for a front desk position at a to-be-opened Austin TechShop. I don’t know if it’s legitimate, though.

  8. Hmmm. Looks like the URL was automatically removed. It was at jobhustler and the categories were jobs, austin, Art-Media-Design-Jobs and the title was “TechShiop-Seeks-Front-Desk-

  9. Erik, I’m pleased to announce that TechShop has purchased a location near I45 and I35 in Round Rock, and we have begun outfitting the space to make the ultimate maker hangout!

    Come out and see us Friday, September 7th, for free pizza. Some of the staff will be available to answer questions and show you the new space.

    The pizza is free, but space is limited. You can find RSVP information at the website I’ve listed below.

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