Jumped the gun

I guess I spoke too soon about the car being drivable… it’s now stuck in the garage waiting on (unanticipated) parts. It’s one of those times where you did your research to make sure everything would fit together, but when you bolt it up, you find out that there were actually two different part numbers and it just so happens that everyone who said it fit hadn’t tried the redesigned part. And I’ve got the new design. Figures.

There were a few alternatives available to make it all go back together, but I’m one of those “If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it right” people, and to do it right meant ordering some different fasteners (that no one in town had.)

At the same time that the car was apart, I also noticed that it might be about time for a compression and leak-down test.. as it seems I may have some bad rings. Arrg… Not what I wanted to see, but then again, I didn’t really expect the motor to last as long as it did. Hopefully I can still buy some time with it though, as building a new motor isn’t exactly in the budget.

So just like last year, the holidays are over and the car’s still on jack stands (and it will continue to be there for at least a few more days.) However, I did go ahead and order one of these ATC style fuseblocks for the in-progress rewiring project. I went with the small, 6-fuse unit. Once it arrives, I can finish wiring up the new relays so that I’ll have some fresh 12v to tap. It’s a bit overkill, I know, but I’ve got another project up my sleeves that will require power (and code :-) More details to come…